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By 2060, the number of U.S. adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is projected to nearly triple and greatly increase the economic impact of diabetes and cardiometabolic conditions on healthcare systems, payers and society. However, diabetes care and education specialists are well-positioned to assist healthcare systems with delivery models that enhance care through evidence-based standards and quality improvement strategies.

ADCES worked with a diverse set of stakeholders to highlight all the ways in which diabetes care and education specialists impact care, outcomes and cost. Utilize this paper and set of resources to explore the ways you provide value and how you can fully optimize your services.


Key Resources

Journal Article

Improving Quality Outcomes: The Value of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists | Clinical Diabetes | American Diabetes Association

Introductory Podcast

Kellie Rodriguez, RN, MSN, MBA, CDCES and Janice MacLeod, MA, RD, LD, CDCES kick off our series about the value diabetes care and education specialists bring to the care setting and how you can advocate for these teams and program.

Value Pathway Chart

Download a comprehensive overview of the ways you as a diabetes care and education specialist can improve workflow, add value and improve outcomes for your patients and practice. Regardless of your practice setting or patient population, this chart can help you identify opportunities and interventions for timely, efficacious and cost-effective care. For comprehensive care teams, that focus on healthcare utilization, care management and cost reduction, this resource contains target outcomes you can apply to your work.

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Blog Post

Make the decision to advocate for yourself using data! Read a blog post, Demonstrating the Value of DSMES: Findings from Research, by Christina Whitehouse, PhD, AGPCNP-BC, CDCES.

"We must take measurements beyond A1C and diabetes knowledge, such as financial impact measures including alternate measures other than costs accrued from insurance reimbursement and evaluate dollars saved from reduction of hospital and emergency room utilization."

ADCES Resources

ADCES Research

ADCES and others have embarked on helping define the value of the diabetes care and education specialist. Explore the body of evidence through the research establishing the value of diabetes care and education.

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