State Advocacy Tools and Resources

ADCES has developed resources and suggested action steps that state Coordinating Bodies (CBs), Local Networking Groups (LNGs), and individual diabetes care and education specialists can take to get more involved in advocacy. This includes a survey to help set priorities, an advocacy guide, and a list of actions to help get started!

CB Leaders: ADCES asks each CB leader to identify a state grassroots coordinator/advocacy liaison. This person serves as the state’s “go-to” person to work on advocacy issues. Once you have identified this individual, please ask them to complete this brief sign-up form. ADCES is working to connect the state grassroots coordinators and ensure they are receiving updates and alerts to support their efforts.

State Advocacy Survey:  The ADCES Advocacy Committee developed an advocacy survey to help state CBs and LNGs understand the challenges their colleagues face on the state level. Once concerns are identified, the state CBs can use this data to begin to develop advocacy priorities and action plans. This advocacy survey is meant to serve as a model or example for states. It can be downloaded and customized based on the needs of your state. Learn more here.

How to Get Involved with Advocacy- State Guide: Once you identify priorities for your state, here is a list of ways you can get involved in advocacy.

Advocacy Forum on ADCES ConnectSubscribe to the Advocacy Forum on ADCES Connect. Connect with advocates, find out the latest advocacy news, post your questions, and get the latest information on ADCES' advocacy initiatives through our blog posts and other resources.

Advocacy Info: Check out another ADCES resource which features tips on how to take action on a wide range of advocacy issues, including identifying your members of Congress and opportunities for CB involvement in advocacy

Plan a State Capitol Day: Many states plan annual advocacy days at their state capitol. This is a great way to get diabetes care and education specialists in your state engaged on advocacy topics. This can also help to build relationships with state legislators. Check out this resource to help you plan your virtual or in-person advocacy day.

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