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Tips for Reaching Prescribers

Demonstrating the value of diabetes education

Tips for Reaching Prescribers

One of the biggest challenges many educators face is reaching prescribers to let them know about diabetes education. While ADCES’ research shows diabetes education is generally highly regarded by doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, it’s only recommended on average for just 62 percent of their patients. And, it is not always recommended as strongly as it could be. Some providers and prescribers are not aware of local programs or of diabetes education at all. And yet, diabetes care and education specialists can play a vital role in supporting prescribers and their patients.

Resources to Address the Challenge

Tip Sheet

Tips for Reaching Prescribers

This tip sheet includes tactics to help you reach prescribers and features advice and success stories from your colleagues about how they have made inroads in getting patient referrals and becoming part of the larger healthcare team.​

PowerPoint Slides

Supporting You Empowering Patients

We've also created a PowerPoint presentation designed to be presented to an audience of providers and other decision makers that touts the benefits of working with a diabetescare and education specialists.

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