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Practice documents inform and support the practice of diabetes care and education. They include position statements, practice guidelines, technical papers, and any other document that articulates the association's views and mission, reflects the current evidence and standards of diabetes care, supports the ADCES7 Self-Care Behaviors® framework, and provides technical guidance to practitioners.

NEW!  The 2021 National Practice Survey

Published in the October 2022 issue of The Science of Diabetes Self-Management and Care, the National Practice Study is conducted biannually to assess current trends related to the diabetes care and education specialist’s integration into the full care team beyond formal diabetes self-management education and support services. 
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The writing team shares their key takeaways from the survey

The Value of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists

The number of U.S. adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is projected to nearly triple by 2060, greatly increasing the economic impact of diabetes and cardiometabolic conditions on healthcare systems, payers and society. However, diabetes care and education specialists are well-positioned to assist healthcare systems with delivery models that enhance care through evidence-based standards and quality improvement strategies.

ADCES worked with a diverse set of stakeholders to highlight all the ways in which diabetes care and education specialists impact care, improve outcomes and reduce cost. Utilize the paper and resources below to explore the ways you provide value and how you can fully optimize your services.

The Huddle Podcast: Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team

Kellie Rodriguez, RN, MSN, MBA, CDCES and Janice MacLeod, MA, RD, LD, CDE kick of our series about raising awareness around the value diabetes care and education specialists bring to the care setting and how to advocate around these teams and program.

Position Statements

ADCES issues position statements on topics related to diabetes care and education, as well as ADCES's mission and goals. They are developed by a multidisciplinary group of diabetes care and education specialists, are peer-reviewed and are submitted for review and final approval to ADCES's Board of Directors.

Perspectives in Practice papers

address the science behind the evolving role of the diabetes care and education specialist. Information and recommendations are evidence-based and peer reviewed.

Practice Papers

are ADCES-issued guidance for the diabetes care and education specialist on topics related to diabetes care and education. They offer expert opinion and reflect real-world practice.

Competencies for Diabetes Care and Education Specialists

Provides a master list of the knowledge and skills needed for each level of practice and serves as a basis for education, training, development, and performance appraisal of all clinicians engaged in diabetes education.

National Standards for DSMES

Provides guidelines for operating a DSMES program. All programs that are accredited/recognized by ADCES and ADA are required to meet these guidelines.

Systematic Review

The study demonstrated that the addition of diabetes self-management education to usual care improves A1C levels compared with usual care alone.

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