Online Member Packet

Whether you're new to ADCES or a longtime member, this online member packet is intended to help you get the most out of your membership.

Membership Verification

You can download and print verification of your ADCES membership.

Free Continuing Education

View a list of education programs providing ADCES members more than 35 hours of free CE.

Practice Tools and Resources

Access a variety of helpful resources to enhance your practice and patient care.

Patient Handouts

Help educate your patients by using downloadable patient handouts.

Member Search

Search our membership directory to find colleagues.

Ask the Reimbursement Expert

Do you have a concern about Medicare reimbursement? Do you need an answer on private payer coverage? Ask the ADCES Reimbursement Expert.

State and Local Networking Opportunities

Get even more out of your membership by participating in your state and local networking groups.

Communities of Interest

Members have exclusive access to more than 17 Communities of Interest groups.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering opens lots of doors for you! Gain additional leadership opportunities, build your resume, forge friendships or simply give back to the profession.

New Member Forum

If you're new to ADCES, be sure to participate in the New Member Forum, offering great insight on how to enhance your membership opportunities.

Diabetes Care and Education Specialist Job Opportunities

Create your profile and begin looking for job opportunities for diabetes care and education specialists.

Capella University Partnership

Our partnership with Capella University offers ADCES members and their immediate family members a 10% discount on online doctoral, master's, bachelor's, and certificate programs.

Professional Courtesy Discounts

Your membership entitles you to discounts on car rentals, and more.

Expense Reports

Download ADCES' travel/reimbursement forms:

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