ADCES members are primarily diabetes care and education specialists who provide education and support to people who have, are affected by, or at risk for developing diabetes. Our members are dedicated to helping individuals make healthier lifestyle choices which can lead to better clinical outcomes and improved health status for people with prediabetes and diabetes. It's a multi-disciplinary profession and most, but not all diabetes care and education specialists are licensed in a related healthcare field. Usually ADCES members are also nurses/nurse practitioners, dietitians, pharmacists, exercise specialists, or health professionals in a related field. Learn more about ADCDES member benefits.

Installment Option: Active, Associate and International members can pay in monthly installments of $15. Select the installment option when you join online.

(*By activating automatic renewal, you agree to have your annual ADCES membership automatically renew on the end date unless vou cancel automatic renewal, which vou can do up to 5-7 business days before the renewal date at 12 AM CT by phone at 800-338-3633 ext.3 or via email a membership@adces.org, with the subject "Cancel Auto-Renew also include your first and last name")

Multi-year Rates: Active, Associate and International members can pay for two-year ($330) or three-year ($495) memberships and save up to $45! Select the two- or three-year option when you join online.

Group Discount: Organizations with five or more members receive a discounted rate of $150 per member. Learn more.

Membership Types

  • Active Member

  • Associate Member

  • International Member

  • Industry Member

  • Student Member

  • Retired Member

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