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Medication Taking & Affordability

Medication Taking

Medication taking can be a challenge for anyone. ADCES created a series of tip sheets for diabetes care and education specialists and people with diabetes to encourage medication management. For more information on medication taking, visit ADCES7 Self-Care Behaviors

Fostering Medication Taking

Improving Medication Taking

Tips and guidance to help you approach individuals about medication taking. 


Checklist for Healthcare Providers

Improving Medication Taking

A checklist to help you ensure medications are taken as prescribed. 


Resources For People with Diabetes

Improving Medication Taking


Covers the importance of taking medications as prescribed and offers strategies for remembering to take medicines on time and in the correct way.

Also available in Spanish/Español.

My Diabetes Medicines Checklist


A checklist for people with diabetes to help them get all their questions answered.

Also available in Spanish/Español.

Resources to Help Patients Afford Their Medications

Affordability Resources

Find detailed information on manufacturer patient assistance programs, cost savings programs, discount cards and more on the ADCES Access & Affordability Resources. 

Perspectives on Diabetes Care

Therapeutic Inertia: What Is It and Why Is the Role of the Diabetes Care and Education Specialist So Important?

Diabetes care and educations specialists remain under-represented on care teams and the services they provide remain underutilized, despite the evidence that shows the value of these services on health outcomes. This contributes to “therapeutic inertia,” the failure to initiate or intensify therapy when therapeutic goals are not reached.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

ADCES Quick Guide to Medications, 12th Edition cover

Quick Guide to Medications, 12th edition

Keep current on diabetes drugs and dosing with the ADCES Quick Guide to Medications.  This Guide puts key information for insulins, fixed-dose combinations, and oral glucose lowering agents right at your fingertips
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