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Bring credibility and expertise to your educational materials with the ADCES Favorably Reviewed logo.

What is Favorably Reviewed?

ADCES Favorably Reviewed is an interprofessional evaluation process designed to evaluate, critique and improve educational materials targeting health care professionals or persons with prediabetes, diabetes, and cardiometabolic conditions. Since 1997, health professionals, healthcare media, medical companies and diabetes organizations have used our evaluation process to enhance the quality and accuracy of their educational materials. Health professionals and people with diabetes use the ADCES Favorably Reviewed logo to find information they can trust.

What Types of Materials Can Be Reviewed?

Our expert peer-reviewers have evaluated and enriched printed materials, websites, videos, and more. ADCES does not review products or publications that endorse specific brands or materials that are not of an educational nature.

What is the Evaluation Process?

Interprofessional reviewers who are diabetes professionals actively practicing in the field of diabetes care and education, including nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals, identify inaccuracies as well as suggest state-of-the-art references and resources to use for your material.

In addition to reviewing and scoring your products based on set guidelines, the review team also evaluates:

  • Accuracy and assessment that content is evidence based diabetes information
  • Readability and grade level of printed materials (using the SMOG readability scale)
  • Cultural, gender and body type diversity
  • Appropriateness for target audience
  • Language use (person-centered, strengths based)

How Will We Be Able to Use the Favorably Reviewed Logo?

ADCES will provide you with an in-depth summary of the review team’s scores and comments. You will be provided with mandatory corrections, as well as recommended changes, to improve the quality and cohesiveness of your materials.

Once you have refined your product to meet the specifications listed in your unique summary, you will be able to use the ADCES Favorably Reviewed logo on your materials. Placement of the logo on product packaging, websites and other promotional materials will greatly enhance your visibility and marketing efforts. The use of the logo expires two years from the date issued and includes the expiration date within the logo.

How Do I Request More Information Related to My Specific Materials?

Please email your request to

Once we receive your request, we will contact you to set up a time to discuss content to be reviewed, fees, timeline and next steps.

Companies Who Have Received ADCES’ Favorably Reviewed Approval

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