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Finding Support from a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

10 Tips for Parents

Has your child just been diagnosed with diabetes? Check out these downloadable resources. 

Young Adults and Caregivers: Know Your Rights


The College Diabetes Network has created a series of booklets that help young adults and those going off to college manage their diabetes and understand their rights when it comes to access at school and at work. A companion guide for caregivers is also available.

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The Lasting Benefits of Diabetes Camp

Camps offer a fun and engaging way for youth to learn how to manage their diabetes in a supervised environment, all while making new friends and lasting memories. Options range from weekend day camps to week long, overnight experiences depending on your location and budget. Find a diabetes camp below or work with your diabetes care and education specialist and healthcare team to locate a camp that meets the needs of your family.

Making Friends and Learning Time in Range at Camp

Diabetes camps offer a fun and engaging way for youth to learn how to manage their diabetes and key concepts in diabetes management, like time in range — all while making new friends and lasting memories. Use this video to help a child with diabetes learn about time in range and how it supports their health.

Stories from Diabetes Camp: Impacting Lives

Diabetes Camp

Diabetes Camp - My Why

Kelsey Tullis often has conversations with parents of children with T1D about her childhood. They ask what her parents did in regards to diabetes that was helpful and how she handled certain situations. She feels, without a doubt, sending her to camp was the best thing her parents did.

Why I love Diabetes Camp

Why I Love Diabetes Camp

Kip Nilsson, age 9, says one of the things he likes most about Diabetes Camp is he don’t have to feel embarrassed about his disease around the other kids at camp, or self conscious about his pump.

DYF Camp

DYF Camp Changed my T1D Kiddo’s Life

Sue Parkin recalls sending her daughter to her first Diabetes Youth Families camp and how it opened her and her daughter’s eyes to new ways of managing diabetes.

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Check out some of these great resources to find a camp that works for your family.

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