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Advanced Lifestyle Coach Training – Live AdvLSCbadge

Looking for advanced in-person training for lifestyle coaches in your organization, city, or state? Contact us to build a tailored program that meets the needs of lifestyle coaches in your community. Through our live half-day and full-day trainings, experienced lifestyle coaches will build skills in facilitating behavior change within CDC’s 12-month diabetes prevention lifestyle change program.

Topics for our half-day intensive include theoretical approaches to behavior change, including theme-centered interaction and motivational interviewing; selecting and utilizing person-centered communications strategies; understanding critical periods within the 12-month CDC lifestyle change program; utilizing data to inform strategies; and practicing appropriate facilitation styles. Delivered through an interactive program, this course gives lifestyle coaches the opportunity to learn new approaches to facilitating diabetes prevention lifestyle change groups and apply those skills through paired activities, role play, and small group work. 

Our full-day program is a tailored offering that is focused on specific topics such as motivational interviewing, cultural competency, retention, and “deep dives” into lifestyle coaching skills led by ADCES Master Trainers and subject matter experts from ADCES’s national network.

Advanced Lifestyle Coach Training includes:

  • Training led by experienced ADCES Master Trainers and Subject Matter Experts in key coaching skills
  • ADCES materials to build participant readiness, develop dynamic and cohesive groups, address common challenges to engagement and retention, address social determinants of health, and incentivize healthy behaviors
  • Hands-on practice in motivational interviewing, supporting health behavior change, facilitating self-management skills, and group facilitation
  • Continuing education units (CEUs) for nurses, dietitians, and pharmacists
  • Once you complete the training, you can receive the ADCES Advanced  Lifestyle Coach PreventT2 Lifestyle Change Program badge. Learn more

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