ADCES Committees/Review Groups

Technical Advisory Committees

Annual Conference Committee

This committee develops the educational content for the annual conference.

Professional Practice Committee

This committee provides technical advice, review and input on a variety of issues in practice of diabetes care and education. When requested, the PPC develops official documents such as position statements, perspectives in practice, practice papers, and any other documents that articulate the ADCES’s views and mission, reflect the current evidence and standards of diabetes care, and support the ADCES7 Self-Care Behaviors™.

Research Committee

This committee supports the mission of ADCES to enhance the practice of diabetes self-management education. The purpose of the committee is to provide technical advice in matters of research (behavior, clinical and other) and any other question regarding research as requested, that is needed to support the work of the diabetes care and education specialist.

Advocacy Committee

This committee ensures the advocacy functions of the organization meet the highest standards and serve both the members’ needs and the ADCES mission.

Membership Committee

The committee ensures that the membership functions of the organization meet the highest standards and serve both the members’ needs and the ADCES mission, vision, purpose and strategic plan.

Technology Committee

This committee is responsible for identifying and refining the DCES’s role in adopting and Integrating technology into practice.

Additional Committees

Awards Committee

This committee is responsible for the active oversight of the ADCES Awards Program and ensures that is aligns with the initiatives of the association and advances its mission and is charged with the selection of the annual award recipients.

Credentialing Oversight Committee

The committee is responsible for the oversight of the BC-ADM credentialing process and all policies and procedures related to maintenance of the credential.

Fellows Committee

This committee is responsible for reviewing applications submitted by ADCES members who wish to be considered as a Fellow of ADCES (FADCES).

Practice Management, Coding, and Payment Committee

The committee is charged with balancing how best to support ADCES members with existing reimbursement issues and challenges, while evaluating new and emerging payment models and how to optimize the position and value of diabetes care and education specialists within those models.

Member Affiliates Committee (MAC) Co-facilitators

This committee provides support to other affiliate leaders and members through ADCES Connect, quarterly calls, volunteer newsletter articles and other networking opportunities.

Inclusion Council

The Inclusion Council will recommend to the Board, a roadmap and action plan with priorities to make ADCES more diverse, equitable and inclusive and will champion the organizations current and future success on the strength of its people and the communities they serve.

Review Groups

Favorably Reviewed Committee

This interdisciplinary group is responsible for evaluating and enriching diabetes care and education materials which include printed materials, websites, videos, and DVDs submitted by health professionals, healthcare media, medical companies, and diabetes organizations for review.

Continuing Education Reviewers

This group ensures that all Approver Unit and CB/LNG continuing education activities are compliant with CE accrediting body policies. They are committed to ADCES’s mission of providing educational offerings that are evidence based, relevant to the diabetes care and education specialty and balanced in their presentation of recommendations.

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