ADCES 2019-2023 Strategic Plan

Successful organizations have a well-defined mission with clear strategies and measurable goals. These elements guide the organization through decision-making processes and create a framework to accommodate unanticipated changes. 

To prepare the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, we completed a thorough assessment of the current environment and trends impacting health care and affecting people with diabetes and diabetes care and education specialists. Broad input from a variety of stakeholders was gathered and included conversations with members, past and present leaders, fellow healthcare associations, people with diabetes, industry partners, patient-facing groups, payers, employers and key government agencies.

This provided a 360-degree view that resulted in a comprehensive five-year plan with a defined course of action. The graphic, below, provides a framework for the plan. You can also review a more thorough presentation that will walks through ADCES’ new vision for the specialty, our key priorities and then goals, strategies and intended outcomes.

We invite you to be our partner during these next several years as we advance our shared mission of empowering diabetes care and education specialists to expand the horizon of innovative education, management and support.



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